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how to download videos from echo360

Page 5 of 6 Last Modified 30 October 2017 Downloading and Saving the Video File A pop-up box will appear. Select Save File to download the file to your local machine. ... More

desendents how to draw mal step by step

5/11/2018 · Application is a step by step demonstration that will teach you how to draw anime step by step and how to draw anime step by step offline. With our application, even children learn to draw complex and beautiful anime pictures. ... More

how to create a calendar app

The calendar in this app allows you to see your previous and upcoming events and adjust your schedule accordingly. For the calendar implementation, our team decided to apply a ready-to-use open source component CVCalendar . ... More

how to clean a painted bench top

A concrete bench can make a welcome addition to virtually any front or backyard. To truly accentuate the beauty of such a bench, however, you may want to consider painting it. Use a feather duster to remove any dust or cobwebs from the bench. To ensure that the bench is completely dust-free, run one ... More

how to change front differential

This includes the transmission (trans-axle on MINIs), rear differential (all current BMWs and 4wd MINIs), transfer-case (4wd models) and front differential (4wd models). This DIY (Do It Yourself) How-To video shows how to change the fluid in a typical BMW 4wd front differential. ... More

how to download office in chrome os

Chrome os is google's linux based operating system built around the chrome web browser as a lightweight os designed primarily for web based computing, it is fast, secure, and resilient to viruses and malware. Microsoft office for android will be supported on chrome. The fortunate answer is that microsoft will allow chrome os owners to use the office suite for android on their machines right ... More

how to draw borlly tutorial

Como dibujar a broly de dragon ball paso a paso. HOW TO DRAW DRAGON BALL BROLY STEP BY STEP. Dibuja personajes de dragon ball SUSCRIBETE!! entra en mi blog HOW TO DRAW DRAGON BALL BROLY STEP BY STEP. ... More

how to change dvd drive letter in windows 10

How To Windows 10 Assign Permanent Drive Letter To Removable Drives In Windows 10. 3 years ago . by Rizwan. If you are one for consistency, find out how you can assign permanent drive letter to your removable devices. I like having a constant arrangement of letters in removable media drives, so I was glad to hear that there is a way to assign a fixed letter to your removable devices in ... More

how to choose permanent log on windows screen

6/12/2010 · I've done this before on my desktop. I removed the picture and picture frame from the startup screen. But now I'm trying to do it on my netbook and I can't remember what file I edited to remove the frame. ... More

how to change axis range in excel

Change the scale of the vertical (value) axis in a chart Change the scale of the vertical (value) axis in a chart. Microsoft Office Excel determines the minimum and maximum scale values of the vertical (value) axis, also known as the y axis, when you create a chart. ... More

how to change rainlendar skin color

Rainlendar is a customizable calendar that resides on your desktop and shows the days of the current month. It's possible to add events and tasks to the calendar and ... More

how to choose correct size bike for child

Child Seats Computer mounts Use our guide to ensure you choose the correct frame size. 1 / 6. Getting the correct frame size is vital when buying your bike (Robert Smith / Immediate Media) 2 ... More

how to call nomad short dustances mass effect

Start Location: After establishing the settlement of Prodromos, complete the next main mission and then return. Make your way to the forward station north of the settlement and go through the cave ... More

how to cook balinese style banana pancakes

Canggu. Pronounce chaa-ngu, it is the gem of Bali. It takes all the best qualities of Ubud, and squeezes it into a smaller town by the beach, only a stones throw from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak. ... More

how to build a pulling garden tractor

Have a different kind of question for everyone. I have a 10hp yanmar clone single cylinder. I was at a plow days tractor show and a guy was plowing using a 2 bottom plow on a garden tractor he had built. ... More

how to clean corroded coins at home

30/06/2008 · When absolutely necessary, clean dirty, green crusted, badly corroded copper coins without scrubbing them. Try soaking them in grape oil (or olive oil if grape oil is not available). Try soaking them in grape oil (or olive oil if grape oil is not available). ... More

how to use hydrochloric acid to clean concrete mix stains

Removing acid stains is tough because the acid reacts directly with the concrete often people add acid stains to concrete on purpose because of this reaction. Thus, youll have to tread carefully here try using some SureClean (its a cleaning product) on the affected area and wash it away with water. Be very careful when using it, because it contains muriatic acid which is a very ... More

how to draw rayman legends

In Rayman Legends, you free imprisoned Teensies as the main objective, replacing the Electoons from Rayman Origins. There are either 3 or 10 in each level, totaling up to 700 Teensies. There are King Teensies and Queen Teensies (one of each in all levels), normal Teensies (8 in total for most levels), and Jester Teensies, which appear with the King and Queen Teensies during stages offering ... More

how to change language in adobe photoshop cs3

2/12/2018 · Create Smooth Skin Shinning and Clear Skin in Adobe Photoshop in Urdu Language By Sir Muhammad Niaz 50 Year old Human Look a like 25 Year old in Photoshop ... More

how to clean aquaguard water purifier

Eureka Forbes' Aquaguard water purifiers are reliable and safe appliances that guarantee clean drinking water. These employ a combination of reverse osmosis and ultra-violet purification methods that thoroughly clean water of germs and other contaminants. Other features that a Eureka Forbes water purifier comes with include Global and RO Technology, a recirculation pump, last point UV ... More

how to create datasource in sap bw

SAP BW, SAP BW for Freshers Datasource Migration in BW, Datasource Recovery, Emulated, Emulated version, Learn SAP BW, RSDS, RSDSEXPORT, With Export, Without Export Repartitioning (Infocube) Partition of InfoCubes is done to divide the huge data in the fact table into several smaller, independent units. ... More

how to change thumbnail on facebook video 2017

Thumbnail: You can also change your thumbnail by clicking on the buttons on top right hand side. Click to choose the right thumbnail that suits your video Part 2. Rotate Facebook video Have you ever uploaded a video on Facebook and realize that after uploading it the video is upside down or rotated of 90 degrees? Dont worry again, here you can find the solution for your problem. Facebook ... More

how to drink tequila to lose weight

By Alexandra Sifferlin for . Sugars found in the plant that makes tequila could lower blood glucose levels for people with type 2 diabetes, and help obese people lose weight, researchers say. ... More

how to change mode on cleanflight

Multiple flight modes for Cleanflight with Taranis. FrSky X9D Plus Taranis or cheaper FrSky Taranis Q X7 or even more expensive X10S Horus, are incredible radios. But also can be intimidation when migrating from simpler radios. A great example is mixing multiple switches into 1 channel to pass flight mode to the flight controller. Yes, you can do it, but it can be a pain in the ass on a Mixer ... More

far cry 3 how to unlock weapon slots

F3 Key: View Map - this doesn't unlock any map locations, but while this is on when you open the map you can see the entire map displayed and there is no longer a fog of war. ... More

how to add a user to business linkedin page

The great thing about LinkedIn is that it's a professional network with users that are business minded. Its the obvious first choice that comes to mind for B2B ... More

how to recover permanently deleted photos from google drive

18/08/2018 · In such case, you can attempt to contact Google Drive customer support team who reportedly uses a program to restore permanently deleted photos. While going through Google Photos forums , I noticed that some users were able to recover 95% of their permanently deleted photos with the help of Google Drive support. ... More

how to build a makeup vanity with drawers

33 Cool Makeup Storage Ideas. Makeup Storage In Chest Of Drawers. Jewelry organizing is only one problem a lot of women are struggling with. The other one is organizing their makeup. Even though DIY make-up magnet board we showed you before is a great solution for this problem there are many other that are as cool as it is. We gathered a collection of the most cool and popular ways to store ... More

how to stop facebook saying cant connect

You will try to launch the Facebook app on your android smartphone as usual and then you will be faced with the error: can’t connect Tap to retry with the picture of what seems to be a grey cloud with a frown on its face.also no matter what you do Facebook will not connect despite other apps are able to connect to the internet on the same phone. ... More

how to build a circular fire pit

HOW TO BUILD A FIRE PIT. There are many designs and styles of fire pit one can construct but if you are wanting to create a simple DIY one at home, then the easiest is to dig an in-ground pit, rather than an above-ground one that will require a square or circular footing for the bricks or stones to rest on. ... More

how to cook smoked mackerel in the oven

Delia's Oven-baked Mackerel Stuffed with Pesto Mash recipe. It takes only one word to describe this recipe – wow! It's simply one of the best fish recipes ever. Easy to make and such a divine combination of flavours, it can also be prepared in advance, so all you have to do is just pop it in the oven… ... More

how to connect induction cooktop to electricity

The US Department of Energy states that the energy efficiency of induction cooktop is as high as 84%, compared to other non induction electric cooktop with 74% and gas cooktop with 44%. Since induction cooktop is energy efficient and cooks food much faster, using it will not cost you more than cooking with gas or other electric coil cooktop. ... More

how to draw a cartoon turtle easy

How To Draw Easy Cartoons Art For Kids How To Draw A Turtle Cartoon Drawing For Children - How To Draw Easy Cartoons. 12 photos of the "How To Draw Easy Cartoons" ... More

how to become a marine animal rescuer

For several years AMWRRO has worked closely with the fantastic team at 7 News and recently AMWRRO has secured a new sponsorship arrangement that will help promote the great work AMWRRO continues to perform throughout the community for our marine wildlife. ... More

how to draw a french horn step by step

About: I am curently in high school and I am wanting to go to college for Graphic Design. I am well rounded in illustrator, indesin; photoshop. for hobbies, i play the mellophone/ french horn/ & trumpet, i draw, i More About Ares252 » A step by step tutorial on how to draw Slender Man. (AKA ... More

how to add channel on youtube

23/06/2016 I think youtube looks through all the kid friendly videos and just approves certain ones for the app, you don't apply or anything with your videos, however there is a REALLY creepy channel aimed at children which somehow got through, the channel is called hey kids, and it is the scariest thing i have ever seen but somehow it's got through to ... More

how to build secret doors in houses

Creating secret doors can be a pretty big project to tackle, but if you still want to have your own hidden places in your house, try one of these six clever compartments. Find out how easy it is to create your own false bottom drawer, but don’t be afraid to see what it takes to make … ... More

how to delete a liked page on facebook

If a Facebook user asks for more information from your page, like address and phone number, it will be in Requests. See a full timeline of activity related to your page, including when other people or pages mention your page and when others share your page’s posts , under the Notifications section in Activity . ... More

how to change your macbook design

3/12/2011 · How to Change Your Windows 7 Computer into a Mac!! JailbreakerJake. Loading... Unsubscribe from JailbreakerJake? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 2.3K. Loading ... More

how to create interest in writing for toddlers

“Ideally, the first materials used are not markers and pencils but materials that allow children to strengthen the muscles in their hands needed to properly hold writing implements," says Mara Guckian, early childhood specialist and managing editor for Teacher Created Resources. ... More

how to buy mp3 from amazon

16/12/2009 I'm considering making the leap to buying digital music. As much of a tech-geek as I am, I still buy CD's. So shoot me, I like to have the physical collection I finally figured I may as well give some online purchases a shot. ... More

how to change rear springs on vs statesman

19/09/2009 · Install new springs; jack up control arm to get bolts back in (making sure to guide the springs into place. 6. Tighten all Bolts, replace wheels, jack car up … ... More

how to break into consulting

Management consulting is one of the professions that endure in a slow economy. Why? Because more than ever, companies need consultants to help them increase revenues and cut costs. ... More

how to buy stocks online uk

What are options? Options can form an important part of a wider investment strategy. They give you the right – but not the obligation – to buy or sell an underlying asset before a certain expiry date, allowing you to speculate on the future price of a financial market. ... More

how to create 2 personal meeting id in zoom

•To change options for all Scheduled meetings (going forward), also check “Make Default Settings” box (or, make your selection from My Settings / Room Settings). •To change options for your Personal meeting, click your Personal meeting bar, ... More

how to cancel a job interview

Whether you're a hiring manager or a job candidate, scheduling conflicts and business demands take precedence, making it difficult or impossible to conduct an interview. ... More

how to delete fifa 18 save games pc

Gameplay controls in FIFA 18 / Monday, October 2, 2017 Make the pitch your own in FIFA 18 with these gameplay controls for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. ... More

how to access mounted drive in linux terminal

In general, to find where something is mounted, you can run this command from the terminal: df -H This also provides useful information about the space on the drive. ... More

how to buy windstad manor

21/09/2018 · Buy land for Windstad Manor. When the dialogue option appears, ask him if there is any property available for purchase. When he replies yes, choose the option to buy it for 5,000 Gold. ... More

how to connect html form to database

12/09/2007 · how can I connect simple feedbeck form developed in HTML to access when i click on send information of form should be store in database..Is It possible?if not then why? ... More

how to create architectual sketches

The Art of Rendering: How to Create an Emotive Architectural Sketch in Photoshop. The workflow that Alex Hogrefe uses to recreate drawings follows a similar procedure as that of … ... More

how to create an evite

What's next? Just send your invitation link/barcode to your invites by : Mail, Sms, WhatsApp, Social Networks or any other way you like. * in case you have a printable invitation you can print the barcode on top of your envelop or invitation. ... More

how to add a youtube video to google slides

4/02/2016 · I am trying to add a video from Google Docs on to slide but it keeps showing the video image but when I click on the video it says "Video cannot be loaded" Any tips Re: Videos & Google Slides John D. Becker ... More

how to cook veal schnitzel in a pan

Meanwhile, to make Red Cabbage; heat oil in large flying pan on medium. Saute onion 2-3 minutes until softened. Add cabbage, cook 4-5 minutes until beginning to wilt. ... More

how to download expired csgo demos

2/09/2012 In CS:GO you have to use playdemo demoname command. The other option is demoui command, which allows you to load demo using GUI and also FF your demos. ... More

how to become a programmer without a degree

In this article I will show you how to become a programmer without going to college. You can learn computer programming in your own home and begin an entry level programming job. College is a wise choice, but if you cannot afford to spend a lot of time in college before you begin your ... More

how to catch a thief in hostel

If you catch a thief in the act, you can choose to confront them directly, or just alert the police as soon as possible. The example in the beginning of this article was not something I … ... More

how to ask madden madden 09 plays

Madden NFL 09 All-Play offers three different play-calling options, so that playbook novices and football gurus alike can arrive at the ideal call. There's the easy playbook and its basic plays, the advanced playbook with far more options, and Madden's Pick, his recommended play, accompanied by some helpful advice and delivered by the almighty John Madden Mii. ... More

how to build a straw bale fence

Straw bale houses use straw bales as insulation or as the structural building block of the home. Learn more about straw bale houses and see pictures. Learn more about straw bale houses and see pictures. ... More

how to add somone to spotify family

22/03/2018 · It won't make a difference, as Spotify Family is multiple accounts that are linked to the same bill. When you upgrade to spotify family, you can create invites to other people (who already have free Spotify accounts set up) and the Invite will upgrade them to Premium. ... More

how to draw a plot plan

Site Analysis Module 1House Design Tutorial. In this first module of our home design tutorial, you will do a site analysis of your property and then create a house plot plan. ... More

how to cut out a star shape

How to Cut Out Wood Words & Shapes Using a Scroll Saw Use your Silhouette or Cricut to cut a template from cardstock. I used the Hello Wedding font and the word Craft. ... More

how to change your sims job

In "The Sims 2", you can alter the gender of your sims’ children, without effecting the rest of your gameplay. Using Cheats Enter the lot of the sim who will become pregnant. ... More

how to draw a cat face on a person

26/06/2017 · Draw a face with cat's ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Also add a tail and paws. Feel free to add spots or stripes! Also add a tail and paws. Feel free to add spots or stripes! ... More

how to download music from youtube to your computer

We'll keep our focus on Airy app developed by Eltima Software. There are a lot of apps and services offering you to download music from YouTube, but we found this one really easy to use and explain and it does its job pretty well. ... More

how to build steps using retaining wall blocks

Hammer in a peg at both ends of retaining wall, so stringline extends at least 2m beyond retaining wall.Run stringline between pegs to mark front of wall and height of base. Phil Aynsley Step 2 Spread out stones and select suitable sized blocks for each section. ... More

how to create a magnetosphere

Warth's magnetic field provides a barrier to the solar wind, called the magnetosphere, but ions still get stripped away through a circuitous route. Essentially, ... More

commonly asked questions in interviews and how to answer them

You can review commonly asked questions, think about what you’ll say beforehand, and go in to do your best. If you prepare beforehand, the interview questions will seem routine and familiar. You’ll have answers on the tip of your tongue, ready-to-go. ... More

how to connect microphone to sound bar

For a simple stereo connection If you have a spare set of inputs (CD, AUX, video but NOT Phono/LP) on your receiver, preamp or whatever makes your speakers make noise that accept a pair of red/white RCA type inputs connect the OUTPUT of either your cable box, satellite receiver or TV audio Left & Right (red & white RCA jacks) to the INPUT of ... More

how to draw a medieval house

How to Draw a Medieval Castle: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow Image titled Draw a Medieval Castle Step 7 ... More

how to change excel file extension from xlsx to xls

People also use another file format called XLS or XLS extension to save user details in a tabular format. This format used for various purposes, including user details. It helps a user to export a large number of Excel contacts to VCF format, as Sometimes it required time and effort to add contacts in various devices (Mobile) and Email clients. In Various Organization and companies still ... More

how to download pst file into outlook 2010

Download and install software in machine and browse the MBOX files to software to export Cone emails to PST. STEP 1: After downloading and installing MBOX Converter tool in machine run it. Browse the MBOX files saved on hard drive and click on " Add " option. ... More

how to download tv shows on netflix on mac

Netflix is an app which would help you to download and watch the TV Shows or Movies of your choice. Netflix has launched the capability to download certain movies and also TV shows … ... More

how to delete apps from app store

After a few seconds your screen will start to "wiggle" and an X will appear next to each of the apps you've installed via the App Store. Tap the "x" next to the icon of the app you want to remove. When prompted, select "Delete ". ... More

how to download video from youtube hd

Press Download Video see your video in a few minutes. YouTube is a popular American video-sharing service. The headquarter is located in San Bruno The service was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim former PayPal employees, in February 2005. ... More

how to cook caldereta baboy

I f youre looking for a faster way to cook and enjoy Filipino food, this Instant Pot Beef Caldereta might just be what you need. Now you can prepare the familiar flavors of this tomato-sauced based stew of tender, succulent beef chunks and hearty potatoes in half the time with the popular Instant Pot or any multicooker, without losing the ... More

how to choose a discount rate

Many retailers offer you an extra discount for doing this, but it pays to check if their underlying rates are actually competitive. When evaluating other plans online, also consider the following: Take a look at the level of savings associated with each plan. ... More

how to draw awesome pokemon

24/11/2018 · Mitchel Bochan. I am Mitchel Bochan, Branch Operation Supervisor. I execute and plan the budget in the department. I oversee the inventory and revamp the department to upgrade its contribution to the welfare of the organization. ... More

how to build a vw engine test stand

How to Build a Model Airplane Engine Test Stand By Don Kress ; Build the Model Aircraft Engine Test Platform. Utilize the scrap plywood as the base plate for the engine test platform. Drill a hole through the bottom of the Popsicle stick, and another small hole through the center. Screw the Popsicle stick into the side of the base plate to act as the throttle control. Mount the model ... More

how to change oilfilter z456 mitsubishi verada

Ryco Z456 Oil Filter MITSUBISHI for - Compare prices of 695093 products in Auto Parts from 242 Online Stores in Australia. Save with! ... More

how to strip fat and build muscle

Strip Detox Pill Reviews Best Way To Build Lean Muscle And Burn Fat Fat Burning Workout Regime Burn Fat Gain Muscle Diet For Women Join an on-line community that assist you to lose strength. ... More

how to build a tack locker

24/02/2012 · Hey guys I'm going to start building my own tack locker. Well its more like a closet really. It's gonna be 5 ft tall, by 4 ft wide, by 3 ft deep. ... More

how to change penguin name in club penguin

Add a penguin, change it’s colour and then put any clothing item ever available! You can walk around with the penguin, change it’s name and add more penguins! Enjoy it below! Note: This doesn’t actually make you a Club Penguin account. ... More

how to create apple id free on pc

How to set up iCloud On an iOS device, go ahead and tap the Get a Free Apple ID button at the bottom of the iCloud settings screen. (On a Mac, click Create an Apple ID.) The screens will ... More

how to become more effective

The size and structure of the classroom in which you are teaching play a very important role. While planning the layout of the classroom, properly judge how big or small is the classroom. ... More

how to build an ecommerce website like ebay

Doing research upfront to build up a strong foundational knowledge of eCommerce will help you to have confidence, ask clear questions, know what you want, and be realistic about money. How to approach suppliers like a pro ... More

how to add row to table in word

The most quickly and simplest way to insert multiple rows into a table in Word is right click. Here take Table A for example. See screenshot: Step 1. ... More

how to cook scotch fillet steak well done

Well Done (75°C) Boneless rib eye/scotch fillet/rib fillet, rump, sirloin/porterhouse/New York, fillet/eye fillet/tenderloin, standing rib roast, rolled rib beef roast ... More

how to connect pa speakers to amp

The amplifier must be located on the stage area and take the line outs from the mixer via the snake. You may however use either an amplifier plus passive speakers or powered speakers. You may however use either an amplifier plus passive speakers or powered speakers. ... More

how to download flans content packs

... More

how to clean mac processs

... More

how to create a personal website

Personal Website Websites can be used to display a personal story or a family story. With such sites, it is common to explain one's interests and career path with photos – and the themes are more often than not part of the webmaster's personal experience. In addition to this, personal websites are often created for special occasions weddings, additions to the family, etc.). This type of ... More

how to draw a roller coaster youtube

Riding The 'Draw Something' Roller Coaster. Draw Something's creator pushes back against claims about the game's collapse. Plus: the limits of branding, living at the mercy of Facebook, and the saddest request the company has ever received. ... More

how to build an internal wall australia

Houzz Contributor. I run a small architectural practice that specialises in custom homes and holiday homes throughout the South-West of Western Australia. ... More

how to get clean white nails

How To Clean Toenails I always loved long nails which can be healthy and white. However, may nails are naturally not so healthy cash serious problem with my eating habits, I could possibly not get nice nails on private. So, to remove this shortcoming, I started using while nail paint and washing my hands tens of times every date. As summer progressed, sweating found simply too and my hands ... More

how to add fonts into unity

Color fonts, sometimes referred to as chromatic fonts, represent the next evolutionary step for typography, incorporating details like color, gradients, and textures into a font file, in either vector or bitmap format. Vector details look clear and sharp however large they are scaled, while bitmap color fonts can look pixelated or blurry when scaled to a size greater than their intended ... More

how to become an adjunct professor

Becoming a New Instructor: A Guide for College Adjuncts and Graduate Students - Kindle edition by Erika Falk. Professional & Technical Kindle eBooks @ ... More

how to change the battery in a womens guess watch

... More

how to download opera update on tcl smart tv

Opera also has its web-based platform on some TCL smart TVs (also a Chinese firm), and has similar agreements with manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, and Philips. AD. Remove this ad space by ... More

how to change your tumblr dashboard background

About . Jennifer is a simple and free theme for tumblr. The theme currently supports various customisation options including Disqus comments, Google Analytics, Flickr & Twitter feeds, custom colours, custom background image, custom headings and much more! ... More

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how to clean mould off walls with vinegar

Now, soak a brush in the soapy water, and scrub the surface to clean off the mold stain. Rinse with clean water. Once it is gone, rub the surface using a clean rag and make it dry. Always wear disposable gloves, and mask.

how to delete sync issues in outlook 2007

3/08/2011 I have problems with outlook - nearly 300 sync issues in the folder and cannot find out how to resolve this. I am also now experiencing problems sending e mails (receiving ok) I have called microsoft help and e mailed them (having pasted in the issues highlighing the problem) No help from technical support unless I pay ?46 as my

how to change uber black to uberx

Watch video · Uber announced today a new pilot program, called Xchange Leasing, allowing Uber to directly lease cars to its UberX drivers. UberX is the ride-sharing company’s cheapest ride service.

how to build pa cabinets

How To Build Storage Cabinets With Doors Online 10 X 12 Shed Plans Ashes Falling Like Snow Shed Plans 20 X 16 Free Download 12 X 12 Shed Cost After to be able to got the above, the following step is choose your region.

michael norton how to buy happiness

Social science researcher Michael Norton spends his time dedicated to learning more about how we feel about what we buy and spend. In this universally applicable TED Talk Cambridge, Norton refutes the age-old saying money cant buy happiness.

how to create a paypal without a credit card

13/05/2013 If you have not credit card dont worry , you can verify your paypal account with your bank account. just add your bank account number in Paypal and they will verify your account by sending 2 small amounts in your account.

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